designer: Umberto Ginocchiettiabout

Umberto Ginocchietti, the clothes designer that all have heard of, and sort after a suit designed by he himself. He can only be described as a designer that everybody wants to get there hands on. He is the creator of suitsdesired by both men and women, for all distiguished occasions. Ginocchietti is a brand that only a select few will get to wear, and forthem it is a dream come true. The production of Ginocchietti stopped over 10 years ago, in 1996, however the memory is still alive in everyone of us, the vivid picture in all our minds that has not surpassed as a result of time. We still have the same passion and unchanged devotion towards the clothing line. Despite production having stopped before the era of the internet. This brand and all it has represented has been engraved in our minds and the memory will live on into the distant future. It is enought to google the words "Umberto Ginocchietti" to have the exact idea of what it has represented and still represents: Cindy Crawford, Kelly LeBrock, Tatjana Patitz, Claudia Schiffer, are just some of the models that have worn Umberto Ginocchietti's dresses. Vogue is just one of the magazines that had spoken about Umberto Ginocchietti.