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Hysteric Glamour is a Japanese designer label created by artist Nobuhiko Kitamura in 1984. The theme of the label is 1960s mass media, with T-shirts featuring pictures of famous musicians like Marc Bolan and the Sex Pistols, and art work by Andy Warhol. Other themes include comics, pornography, automobiles, package designs and neon signs. The Hysteric Glamour label covers a wide variety of clothing including t-shirts, jeans, cardigans, frilly tank tops, mini dresses, and many accessories. There are currently 51 stores in Japan in areas like Harajuku, Aoyama, Shibuya and Shinjuku. International outlets exist in the UK and France, although there are no stores in the United States. Hysteric Glamour is mentioned by Gwen Stefani in her song "Harajuku Girls".